Distribute food

There are over 100 food support service operators in Hong Kong. However, due to the uneven distribution of the service points, service points, service users may not be able to receive timely assistance. Be part of us to expand the service coverage to serve the needy all over Hong Kong.

Workflow of application for food

Register as food support service operator and download the FOOD-CO Apps
Claim food through FOOD-CO platform
Fairly distribute food according to the rating system
Arrange logistics
Deliver the food to people in need
Record and report


Food support service operators need to operate according to the “Food Support Service Operators Guideline”
Food support service operators are required to submit service statistics
Information about food support service operators will be listed on the Food Sharing Map for public enquiry.

Join Us

FOOD-CO offers you a food sharing platform to
1) Claim food
2) Promote your organization
3) Recruit volunteers

Support operation

Apart from the food donation, we would like to cooperate with different parties to alleviate the shortage of operation resources. It is essential for us to receive the warehouse, kitchen, logistics etc. to tackle the problems of food storage, hot meal production and logistics. Join us to enhance the efficiency of the whole food support service industry.

Logistics Support

Collect and transfer the food to food support service operators and beneficiaries.

Kitchen Support

Provide kitchen to prepare hot meals for the needy people in a specific time of the day.

Warehouse Support

Provide temporary storage service for food support service operators or provide space for the volunteers to pack the food donations.
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